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Welcome to Calvary Grace Church, an evangelical partnership of believers in Jesus Christ committed to seeing God glorified in the Calgary area and beyond! We are gathered around the expository preaching of God's Word and hold to the theology of the Protestant Reformation, striving to become more like Christ and to proclaim the Good News of his Kingdom in gratitude to the God who saved us by his sovereign grace.

Upcoming Sermon

         Prayer is something that every Christian knows they ought to do, but don’t do enough. We all feel guilty about our prayerlessness. And what happens when we feel guilty about something? We tend to not want to think about it. So our prayerlessness continues. What we need is to be reminded of what it means to be a Christian at prayer, praying with one another as a Church at prayer. So, remembering we are redeemed sinners, let us pray.

Join us on Sunday, June 26th as Clint Humfrey exposits James 5:13-18 in a sermon entitled, "Let Them Pray: Learning to be the Church at Prayer"

Live Broadcast

Join us for our live events!

We broadcast our weekly service on Sundays from 11:30AM to 1:00PM Mountain Standard Time.

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Sunday School

Adult and Children's Sunday School is currently on break for the summer.

Both will re-launch on September 11th beginning at @ 10:30AM downstairs before the main service.

Shadows of the King

“Shadows of the King” is a collection of devotional and theological essays about the book of First Kings, written by the Calvary Grace elders with the aim of practical application in the Christian life.

Download an e-copy by clicking the link below!

The Difficult Sacrifice of Like-Mindedness By: Clint Humfrey  There are few things that all people across the political and social spectrum can agree on. But these days, we all agree that we can’t agree. We all suffer from ‘outrage fatigue’ and the divisions in our world seem more immovable than ever before. Civil ... Read More

Praying, Discerning and Deciding By: Clint Humfrey  Calvary Grace Church is faced with a decision to make by the end of June. We have to decide whether we will express ‘our intent to purchase’ the building which we currently rent.  In this newsletter, I want to share a little bit about what the remaining timeline looks ... Read More



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We will be at: St John Lutheran Building

11:30 AM

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