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Welcome to Calvary Grace Church, an evangelical partnership of believers in Jesus Christ committed to seeing God glorified in the Calgary area and beyond! We are gathered around the expository preaching of God's Word and hold to the theology of the Protestant Reformation, striving to become more like Christ and to proclaim the Good News of his Kingdom in gratitude to the God who saved us by his sovereign grace.

Upcoming Sermon

         Reflecting on the legacy of Francis Schaeffer, the 20th century Christian apologist, Os Guinness stated that the challenge for 21st century Christians is to be truth tellers. He said that we need, "to stand for truth and to be people of truth where telling the truth is becoming a revolutionary act". In 1 Kings we see that Israel under Ahab was a time similar to ours. Are we willing to urgently tell the truth today, as the prophets did back then?
Join us on Sunday, November 22nd at 11:30AM as Clint Humfrey exposits 1 Kings 22 entitled, "Speaking God's Truth in an Age of Opposition"

Live Broadcast

Join us for our live events!

We broadcast our weekly service on Sundays from 11:30AM to 1:00PM Mountain Standard Time.

Click the link below to take you to our livestream broadcast.

Sunday School

Adult Sunday School begins @ 10:30AM downstairs before the main service. Join us for our current series, Talking the Bible: A Practical Biblical Theology.

Children's Sunday School is offered during the same hour for age 2 - grade 8.

Fall Conference

It doesn’t hurt to get a refresher. Even in ministry, pastors and elders need to be reminded about what to focus on. It’s easy to get distracted or stale. Whether in preaching, leading, counselling or dealing with conflict, ministry leaders need regular refreshment from Word and Spirit.

If you missed our Elders Refresher Conference, download the audio by clicking below!

In the Year of Our Lord: A Calvary Grace Anniversary (2006-2015)   By: Clint Humfrey   If you have small children or elderly relatives you know that birthdays are a big deal. Birthdays mark out the early stages of life as well as milestones of a long life nearing the end. It seems that somewhere between years 30 and 60 we prefer that ... Read More

As the World Goes Mad, Go to Church   By: Clint Humfrey  In the aftermath of the coordinated attacks in Paris murdering 150 image bearers of the living God, who were all somebody’s daughter or son, many wonder if the world is going mad. Mad WorldSecular society (the ‘Nones’ that we learned about in the 1 Kings ... Read More



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We will be at: St John Lutheran Building

11:30 AM

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If you are unable to attend our conference this weekend, you can stream it live here. Audio recordings will also be available after the event. ...

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