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What is the 5 GATES?

5 GATES to serve in CGC is a process administered in the church as part of our reasonable actions in screening and supervising workers and volunteers in any ministry with minors and vulnerable persons.  For more info please Email Jarod Kary

G - Are you a Gospel Partner?

  • A person needs to be a gospel partner and in good standing to serve in the church. Part of the process is to have signed updated versions of Gospel Partnership documents

A - Have you completed an application?

  • This is a record of your spiritual history, Christian education/training, skills and abilities, previous churches attended or members of and references

T - Have you completed safety training?

  • Read CGC's Child, Youth and Worker Safety Policy Training which provides church's policy, standards of behaviour, reporting procedures, etc.
  • Complete a set of questions and an exam

E - Have you met with a leader for a brief interview to evaluate suitability and explain the ministry role?

  • Meet with deacons, ministry leads or pastors to discuss your desired ministries and fitness for particular ministry roles

S - Have you completed the two security checks?

  • Vulnerable Sector Check (needs to be renewed every 2 years)
    • The most comprehensive check, which looks at things like pardoned offences that do not appear on regular background checks. The VSC is standard in the non-profit sector and is a requirement for insurance purposes.
  • Child Welfare Intervention Record Check (needs to be renewed every 2 years)
    • Check any Intervention Services record in AB that you might have caused a child to need intervention

These checks can be found online by emailing Jarod, or in hard copy by finding Jarod on Sunday Morning. 


Who’s required to complete the 5 GATES?

If you are planning to serve in the following ministries:

  • Nursery
  • Catechism
  • Children’s Sunday School
  • Check-in
  • Youth 
  • Security (since they are roaming the building)

You are required to complete all of the 5 GATES


If you are planning to serve in the following ministries:

  • Welcome Team
  • Newcomers Team
  • Worship Team
  • Tech Team

You are recommended to complete all of the 5 GATES


All persons serving in any formal ministry role (whether with vulnerable persons or not) to be Gospel Partners in good standing and evaluated by the pastors and deacons or leads for fitness in particular ministry roles.