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Appreciating the Problem: The Deacon's Definition

Deacons Definition

Deacons, again, are to guard the unity of the church and the ministry of the elders from the demands of practical problems. Appreciating such problems requires the careful definition of each deacon’s role....

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The Fifth Qualification: The Deacon's Purity

Deacons Purity

There is only one qualification Paul mentions to Timothy that is not found in Acts 6, and it is that qualification we now turn to examine: the deacon’s purity....

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The Fourth Qualification: The Deacon's Faith

Deacons Faith

This combination of a practical, nuts-and-bolts focus and a separation from doctrinal and pastoral oversight ministry might tempt a church to overlook the piety and conviction of a candidate. That would be a grave mistake....

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The Third Qualification: The Deacon's Wisdom

Deacons Wisdom

The very fact that this responsibility requires dedicated attention should tell us that it may not come easily, and that not just anyone will be able to fulfill it. It’s no surprise, then, that the third qualification emphasized by the apostles in Acts 6 is wisdom......

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The Second Qualification: The Deacon's Maturity

Deacons Maturity

Having seen last week that the first qualification of a potential deacon is a solid reputation, we now turn to look at the second qualification found in Acts chapter 6: being “full of the Spirit.” Of all the qualifications, this one is perhaps most at risk of being misunderstood in the present day. What does “filled with the Spirit” mean?...

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The First Qualification: The Deacon's Reputation

Deacons Reputation

Now that we’ve looked at the intent, mission, and objective of the New Testament deacon, it’s time to look at what kind of Christians fill this office. What are the qualifications of those called to be deacons?...

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Freeing Elders For Word and Prayer: The Deacon's Objective

Deacons 4

We see in Acts 6 that even in the earliest church the temptation to be distracted from this ministry is strong. The apostles put it in blunt terms: “it is not right that we should give up the preaching of the Word of God to serve tables.”...

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Caring For Practical Needs: The Deacon's Mission

Deacons 3

The mission of the office of deacon is to care for practical needs in the local church....

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The Deacon's Intent: Fostering Church Unity

Deacons 2

Deacons exist, first and foremost, with the intent of fostering unity in the church. Only with that primary purpose in mind can we then turn to look at others....

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Divine, Not Human, Design: The Deacon's Origin

Deacons 1

The starting point, then, for any discussion of the office of deacon is to recognize that the Church which the diaconal office is designed to serve is neither of human design or at human disposal to restructure....

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