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9:30 AM Sunday School (Adults and Children) - in-person gathering and livestream
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204 6A St NE

Calgary, AB T2E 4A5

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April 5 Palm Sunday Remote Service Order of Service

Order of Service: Calvary Grace Church April 5 Palm Sunday Remote Chapel Service via Video Livestream.com or Facebook Live (Calvary Grace Page).





  • Financial Partnership in the Ministry: Donations via ETransfers to giving@calvarygrace.ca or via Paypal
  • Community group --New City Catechism. 
  • Folks with Financial and health struggles


Call to Worship: Psalm 90

1Lord, you have been our dwelling placea

in all generations.

2Before the mountains were brought forth,

or ever you had formed the earth and the world,

from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Opening Prayer


Rock of Ages #209


1 Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 

let me hide myself in thee; 

let the water and the blood, 

from thy wounded side which flowed, 

be of sin the double cure; 

save from wrath and make me pure. 

2 Not the labors of my hands 

can fulfill thy law's demands; 

could my zeal no respite know, 

could my tears forever flow, 

all for sin could not atone; 

thou must save, and thou alone. 

3 Nothing in my hand I bring, 

simply to the cross I cling; 

naked, come to thee for dress; 

helpless, look to thee for grace; 

foul, I to the fountain fly; 

wash me, Savior, or I die. 

4 While I draw this fleeting breath, 

when mine eyes shall close in death, 

when I soar to worlds unknown, 

see thee on thy judgment throne, 

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, 

let me hide myself in thee.


Confession of Sin  Psalm 90:3-11

Assurance of Pardon Psalm 90:12-17

Scripture Reading: 

Luke 19:28-48

Pastoral Prayer


Sermon Luke 19:28-48: The Triumph, Tears and Timing of Jesus


  1. The Triumph
  2. The Tears
  3. The Timing

Closing Hymn 

(Christ the Sure&Steady Anchor #406

Christ the sure and steady anchor,

In the fury of the storm;

When the winds of doubt blow through me,

And my sails have all been torn.

In the suffering, in the sorrow,

When my sinking hopes are few;

I will hold fast to the anchor,

It will never be removed.


Christ the sure and steady anchor,

While the tempest rages on;

When temptation claims the battle,

And it seems the night has won.

Deeper still then goes the anchor,

Though I justly stand accused;

I will hold fast to the anchor,

It shall never be removed.


Christ the sure and steady anchor,

Through the floods of unbelief;

Hopeless somehow, O my soul, now,

Lift your eyes to Calvary.

This my ballast of assurance,

See his love forever proved.

I will hold fast to the anchor,

It will never be removed.

Christ the sure and steady anchor,

As we face the wave of death;

When these trials give way to glory,

As we draw our final breath.

We will cross that great horizon,

Clouds behind and life secure;

And the calm will be the better,

For the storms that we endure.



*If you would like prayer or counsel please text me to set up a video chat or phone call. 403------.

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