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As many of you know, back in the fall of last year, five members of Calvary Grace, along with two others from surrounding churches began theological study with Union School of Theology. Pastor Clint has facilitated a Learning Community to provide the necessary environment for formal study of the Scriptures in preparation for and development in church ministry. On top of regular coursework, the Learning Community met once a week to partake of the online video presentations of the course material, food and fellowship. I would like to take this opportunity to share of the tremendous privilege it has been to participate in the two year Graduated Diploma Program. Although I was initially apprehensive about going back to school, the depth of Bible teaching offered through Union has blessed me in the following three ways.

  • Studies in Old and New Testament has renewed my confidence in the Word of God. Union Professors would occasionally invite the Learning Community to interact with various theories that seek to undermine the truth claims of the Bible. Entering into debate with scholars who treat the Bible as a myth has served as a means to bolster my conviction in the reliability of Scripture. I can attest to a greater personal reliance on the power of God’s Word as being sufficient to bring about change in my own life and the lives of others.


  • Studies in the History of the Christian Church have deepened my appreciation for the rich history Christians enjoy. Reviewing prominent people and events of Church History was presented in a highly interactive, well researched, devotional, and fun way. In the process of much reading, writing papers, and preparing for exams, the highly dramatic presentations from our Church History Professors regularly had us howling in laughter over their use of humour and whit.


  • Studies on the Church and Mission has mobilized me toward more being more Trinitarian in my understanding of who God is, and His plan to redeem a fallen humanity. Have you ever thought of God as a “fountain of sending love?” Think for a moment about the one true God existing before the creation of the world and all of humanity. God’s existence before creation was not static. He has always existed in Trinitarian love. About half way through my studies I was reminded of the need to finish well in my studies not as man-pleaser or for the marks; but as an act of worship to our Trinitarian God.

Please join me in expressing thanks to God for the opportunity each and every one of us has to know Him through the Scriptures. Pray also that God would bring rejuvenation and rest to the Union students, along with students within our church family studying at other institutions. Pray that the summer months would be a time to recover from an intense season of study and for diligence for those who prepare for the upcoming fall semester.

Yours in Christ,
Geoff Meadows