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Men's Breakfast Update

Men's breakfast update

            On a snowy morning in Calgary, Alberta on the 8th day of February in the year of our Lord 2020, men gathered together for breakfast and exhortation. We are very thankful to God as we started our morning by enjoying the fruitful labour of Marian, Kim, Makayla and Hannah who prepared for us a complete and delicious meal. It encompassed the whole food system: carbs, protein, and coffee! We had an attendance of almost 50 men including a teenager and two young boys. We then went on to hear from Pastor Clint regarding “The Christian Man’s Duty”.
            He opened by saying “Don’t be a Greta.” It was not about reducing carbon footprint. He was urging men to not capitulate to the mantra of this culture. Men are constantly told that they need to take a step back, reduce their influence and concede ground to others. This is disastrous for the church and for society.
            Pastor Clint continued on by calling attention to the Christian man’s duty: to order and to expand. Men are to re-order what is wild into what is tame and to be vigilant to watch over them and guard them. Men are called to be expansive and not contractive. This means to be multiplying fruitfulness in these areas: physical families, spiritual families, gospel expansion and working for abundance to provide. The relationship of the duties to each other is also important: extension comes after order. 
            Pastor Clint also warned the men to not neglect their duties either passively or Pharisaically, but to fulfill the double-duty of being accountable and responsible not for “his stuff” only, but for the whole. He concluded with this, 
            “As the Christian man does his duty in his own life, his own home, then he can expand his realm of responsibilities and be generous with his resources and be fruitful and multiply in many ways, especially in the expansion of the border of Zion the new Eden, the new Jerusalem.”
            An encouraging time indeed to see and hear men discuss their duty to fulfill, to sing aloud to the Lord and to fellowship with one another. Stay tuned for the next men’s breakfast!
In Christ,
Men’s Breakfast Committee
(Akin, DJ and Michael)