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Order of Service: Calvary Grace Church April 26 Livestream


Order of Service: Calvary Grace Church April 26 Remote Service via Calvary Grace Livestream or Facebook Live (Calvary Grace Page).



  • Financial Partnership in the Ministry: Donations via ETransfers to giving@calvarygrace.ca or via Paypal
  • Wednesday night prayer meeting on Zoom at 7pm 


Call to Worship:  Isaiah 55

1“Come, everyone who thirsts,

come to the waters;

and he who has no money,

come, buy and eat!

Come, buy wine and milk

without money and without price.

2Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread,

and your labor for that which does not satisfy?

Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good,

and delight yourselves in rich food.

3Incline your ear, and come to me;

hear, that your soul may live;

and I will make with you an everlasting covenant,

my steadfast, sure love for David.

Opening Prayer



OPENING HYMN  Holy, Holy, Holy #48


Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!

Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;

Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!

God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!


Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore Thee,

Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea,

Cherubim and seraphim falling down before Thee,

Who wert and art, and evermore shalt be.



 Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide Thee,

Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see;

Only Thou art holy; there is none beside Thee,

Perfect in power, love, and purity.



Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!

All Thy works shall praise Thy name in earth and sky and sea;

Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!

God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!


I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible; 

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, 

begotten of his Father before all worlds, 

God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father; by whom all things were made; 

who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven, 

and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, 

and was made man; and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate; 

he suffered and was buried; and the third day he rose again 

according to the Scriptures, and ascended into heaven, 

and sits on the right hand of the Father; and he shall come again, 

with glory, to judge both the quick and the dead; whose kingdom shall have no end.

And I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, and Giver of Life, 

who proceeds from the Father and the Son; 

who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified; 

who spoke by the Prophets. 

And I believe one holy universal and apostolic Church; 

I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; 

and I look for the resurrection of the dead, 

and the life of the world to come. Amen.

HYMN  Holy Spirit Living Breath of God #318

Holy Spirit, living breath of God,

Breathe new life into my willing soul.

Let the presence of the risen Lord,

Come renew my heart and make me whole.

Cause Your Word to come alive in me;

Give me faith for what I cannot see,

Give me passion for Your purity;

Holy Spirit, breathe new life in me.


Holy Spirit, come abide within,

May Your joy be seen in all I do.

Love enough to cover every sin,

In each thought and deed and attitude.

Kindness to the greatest and the least,

Gentleness that sows the path of peace.

Turn my strivings into works of grace;

Breath of God show Christ in all I do.


Holy Spirit, from creation’s birth,

Giving life to all that God has made,

Show Your power once again on earth,

Cause Your church to hunger for your ways.

Let the fragrance of our prayers arise;

Lead us on the road of sacrifice,

That in unity the face of Christ

May be clear for all the world to see.


Keith Getty & Stuart Townend Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music (Adm. by CapitolCMGPublishing.com excl. UK & Europe, adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family, songs@integritymusic.com)

Confession of Sin Isaiah 55:6- 7a 

“Seek the LORD while he may be found;

call upon him while he is near;

let the wicked forsake his way,

and the unrighteous man his thoughts;

Assurance of Pardon Isaiah 55:7b-9

let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him,

and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Scripture Reading: 

Luke 6:24-26

24“But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.

25“Woe to you who are full now, for you shall be hungry.

“Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.

26“Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.


Pastoral Prayer

Sermon Jesus Tells a Tale of Woe


  1. The Tale of Woe
  2. The Objects of Woe
    1. Financed
    2. Full
    3. Flippant
    4. Flattered
  3. Three Applications

CLOSING HYMN  He Will Hold Me Fast #388


When I fear my faith will fail,

Christ will hold me fast;

When the tempter would prevail,

He will hold me fast.

I could never keep my hold

Through life’s fearful path;

For my love is often cold;

He must hold me fast.



He will hold me fast,

He will hold me fast;

For my Savior loves me so,

He will hold me fast.



Those He saves are His delight,

Christ will hold me fast;

Precious in His holy sight,

He will hold me fast.

He’ll not let my soul be lost;

His promises shall last;

Bought by Him at such a cost,

He will hold me fast.


He will hold me fast,

He will hold me fast;

For my Savior loves me so,

He will hold me fast.



For my life He bled and died,

Christ will hold me fast;

Justice has been satisfied;

He will hold me fast.

Raised with Him to endless life,

He will hold me fast

‘Till our faith is turned to sight

When He comes at last!



He will hold me fast,

He will hold me fast;

For my Savior loves me so,

He will hold me fast.


Words: vv. 1-2 Ada Habershon (1861-1918), Public Domain.

Alt. words, new words (v.3), and music: Matthew Merker

© 2013 Getty Music (BMI)/Matthew Merker Music (BMI) (adm. by Music Services)

All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Benediction Revelation 3:18

  I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see.

*If you would like prayer or counsel please text me to set up a video chat or phone call.

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