Who Has The Say-So?

Have you ever wondered who "has the say-so"? In any family, business or organization there are many decisions that must be made. And if the decisions are to be made it has to be clear who has decision-making authority. That’s what some old-timers that I’ve known used to call, "having the say-so."

Consider the battleground between God as creator or the universe as self-created. it is the battleground of who has the say-so. Don Carson writes:

All of human accountability and responsibility before God is grounded in the first instance in creation. He made us, and we owe him. If we do not recognize this simple truth, then, according to the Bible, that blindness is itself a mark of how alienated from him we are. It is for our good that we recognize it, not because he is the supreme bully but because without him we would not even be here, and we will certainly have to give an account to him. (1)

When any of us make decisions about our life--- how we raise kids, or how we make money, how we set priorities or even how we worship--- we are put into the battleground of the say-so. God’s creating Word in Genesis 1 puts everyone under the Word’s authority.

Also in that battleground, we must return to the authority of Jesus Christ. Jesus, according to Colossians 1:16, created the authorities, since "all things were created through him and for him." When Jesus commissioned his disciples, he prefaced his commands by declaring that "all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28:13).

So at the very least, we have, as Carson put it, “accountability and responsibility before God” because he created us. And when we see Christ as both our Creator and Redeemer, we have even greater clarity about "who has the say-so" in our lives.

You need to get the question of Who has the say-so sorted out today. Will you?

(1) D.A. Carson, The God Who Is There; free audio-video / Amazon paperback / Kindle