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In 2008, Calvary Grace Church started hosting an annual conference. 

Why a Conference?

When life is busy, the things that used to be special become commonplace. 'Familiarity breeds contempt' doing the 'Same Old, Same Old' week after week. That can happen at church very easily. The same preaching. The same singing. The same arrangement of people in the pews. What was special and precious becomes common and even forgettable.  

Your First Love

The church is not a social club, so our enjoyment and prioritizing of the church is rooted in something much more important - our love for Jesus. If we lose our 'first love' (Rev 2.4), then we will certainly lose our love for the church. But as we grow in our love for Jesus, we will love what he loves - the congregation of smelly, stubborn sheep (cf. John 10.11).

Conferences as Intense Spiritual Opportunities

A conference is an opportunity to have intensive focus on God's word and his ways in fellowship with other people. A conference can provide a special season of growing in the Lord. This is the reason that I have wanted Calvary Grace to host a conference. It adds an annual time of intense spiritual opportunity for spiritual growth.

Conferences as Services to the Church

In addition, conferences give a host church the opportunity to minister to other Christians (and even non-Christians) who might not enjoy very many spiritual growth opportunities. It is a chance to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ. And it is a way to stoke each others' spiritual fires through mutual listening, sharing and serving.

Audio for Past Conferences:

Season Topic Key Speaker(s)
Winter 2011 The Mystery of the Trinity  Dr. Bruce Ware
Winter 2012 The Relevance of the Reformation  Dr. Carl Trueman
Winter 2013 The Dungeon Flamed With Light  Dr. Michael Haykin 
Fall 2013 Church Planting Among the Poor  Mez McConnell
Winter 2014 Abiding Love: Learning to Love in a Cold World  Ryan Fullerton
Fall 2014 Healthy Eldership  Jeramie Rinne
Winter 2015 The Goodness of Biblical Manhood & Womenhood  Owen Strachan & Jodi Ware
Fall 2015 Elders Refresher Calvary Grace Elders
Winter 2016 Holiness - The Refiner's Fire In A Facebook Age Calvary Grace Elders
Winter 2017 Looking at Jesus Through the Law of Moses   Ryan Fullerton

Fall 2017

TGC Prairies Regional Confrence: The Solas of the Reformation

Trevor Peacock, Tim Stephens, & Clint Humfrey

Winter 2018

Delighting in God

Paul Martin

Winter 2019

Walking with Giants

Dr. Stephen Yuille 

Fall 2019

TGC Prairies Regional Conference:

The Care of Souls

Dr. Stephen Yuille & Lee Lewis

Winter 2020

In Christ Alone: Union and Communion with Christ

Dr. Stephen Yuille, Clint Humfrey & Gavin Peacock

Winter 2021

More Than Conquerors: Celebrating Christ's Victory Parade

Calvary Grace Elders

Winter 2022

Resilient Churches: Discipleship in the Last Days

Clint Humfrey, Gavin Peacock, Josh Kary, Terry Stauffer

Winter 2023

Calgary Heralds: Announcing the Good News Today

Ryan Fullerton, Clint Humfrey, Gavin Peacock, Josh Kary, Rob Snyder