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The Problem of Popularity

January 4, 2015 Speaker: Jeff Jones

Topic: Sermon Scripture: Mark 1:35–1:45

Jesus resisted his earthly popularity as an impediment to Gospel ministry, and we who bear his name must therefore guard against the approval of the world.

It is all too easy for Christians today to fall into the trap of thinking that the way to reach the world is to be popular in it. Surrounded by a culture seeking signs, wonders, and spectacular power, Jesus was annoyed by his popularity as it got in the way of prayer, restricted his freedom of movement, and distracted from his true mission. As a fallen world will only ever like Jesus for the wrong reasons, Christians today need to be very distrustful of the urge to seek popularity.


  1. Introduction
  2. Jesus' Anger
  3. Jesus' Popularity & Prayer
  4. Jesus' Popularity & Freedom of Movement
  5. Jesus' Popularity & His True Mission
  6. Applications