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Defying Gravity: The Wretched Struggle of a True Saint

March 1, 2015 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: Romans: The Letter By Which the Church Stands or Falls

Topic: Sermon Scripture: Romans 7:14–7:25

Christians are constantly pulled away from holy living by the power of the flesh. Yet the true believer continues to fight the flesh knowing they belong to Christ. The struggle of this life is explained by a short autobiography from the apostle Paul. Are you a Christian who is feeling wretched? Hear from Romans 7.14-25 how the true saint defies the gravitational pull of sin.

The Christian life is a struggle to fight the flesh and live according to our new status in Christ.


  1. Intro: Are you struggling?
  2. What is going on in Romans 7.14-25?
  3. Why is Romans 7.14-25 important?
  4. Why is it important to you?
  5. Defying Gravity: Understanding the Gravitational Pull of Flesh and Spirit

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