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The Vinedresser's Power: Gospel Hope for All Nations

May 31, 2015 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: Romans: The Letter By Which the Church Stands or Falls

Topic: Sermon Scripture: Romans 11:11–11:24

The widespread rejection of Jesus by Jews in the 1st century lead to misconceptions among new Gentile Christians that God had no further use for ‘the chosen people’. Paul makes it clear that God’s purposes for Jews remain, but he also reminds Gentile Christians of the danger of the sin of pride --- the same sin that sunk Israel in unbelief. Paul’s reminder to the Romans also shows how God, the Vinedresser, has power to graft, prune and regraft as he pleases.


  1. The Inclusion and Jealousy of Israel 11-16
  2. The Reverence and Pride of the Nations 17-21
  3. The Kindness and Severity of God 22-24

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