The Rise of the "Nones" and the Descent of the One: How The Power of God Overcomes Mass Unbelief

November 1, 2015 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: 1 Kings

Topic: Sermon Scripture: 1 Kings 18:1–46

Our culture is seeing the rise of the so-called, "Nones". They are people who non-affiliated to any organized religion. Of course, all people must worship something, and in the absence competing gods they simply worship themselves. Into what is by definition, 'godlessness', the true, living God has powerfully revealed himself in space and time. The 1 Kings 18 narrative of the prophet Elijah facing the prophets of the storm-god Ba'al is an example of the true God's power coming down upon the 'Nones'. So it is today, for 'the gospel is the power of God for salvation, to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek' (Rom 1.16)


1. The Rise of the Nones

  1. Elijah’s Question to Israel
  2. Charles Spurgeon and the Three Types of People on Mount Carmel
  3. Limping and Lukewarm

2. The Descent of the One

  1. The Verdict on Mount Carmel
  2. The Contrasts God Makes (to burn the un-burnable and save the un-savable)
  3. The Power of God Overcoming Mass Unbelief