Look in the Mirror: Seeking the Scriptures for a Stainless Spirituality

March 6, 2016

Scripture: James 1:22–1:27

Our world is like a carnival house of mirrors. Everywhere around us human identity is distorted: fat, thin, boring, exciting, gender-bent, gender-oppressive, conservative, liberal, fascist, racist, and more. One minute these mirrors are showing us as giants of significance, god-like in deserving worship, and the next minute the mirrors tell us we are subhuman and a waste of precious oxygen. Into this dark distortion is the crystal clarity of the mirror of God’s Word. As the Christian looks into it intently, they are re-oriented towards their true identity in Christ, and that will make them active in doing God’s will for God’s name and fame. Then Christian believers will be like so many reflectors of God’s glory, like a gospel-born solar farm covering the globe.


  1. The Self-Deception of False Hearing (v.22)
  2. The Parable of the Mirror (vv23-25)
  3. Seeking Stainless Spirituality (vv26-27)