The Lord of Glory and the Prejudice-Free Church

March 20, 2016 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: James: Faith at Work

Topic: Sermon Scripture: James 2:1–13

Genocide, Racism, Dhimmitude, Segregation, and Xenophobia. Our world is filled with prejudice, 'far as the curse is found'. Our sinful fears and pride make us ever susceptible to think of others as worse than ourselves. Or we elevate mere mortals to the status of gods, idolizing celebrity, heeding their words because of their wealth, beauty or fame. In many ways our prejudices are evident. But the church ought not to be like the world. Under Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, there can only be one posture, every knee bending, every tongue confessing the Lordship of Jesus alone. Then the church can live without worldly partiality.


  1. The Lord of Glory Expels Prejudice (v.1)
  2. The Sin of Man Expresses Prejudice (vv.2-7)
  3. The Law of God Arrests Prejudice (vv.8-11)
  4. The Mercy of God Trumps Prejudice (vv.12-13)