Sinful Speech: Warnings about our War of Words

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: James: Faith at Work

Topic: Sermon Scripture: James 3:1–3:12

We have all said things that we wish we could take back. Why is it that we so easily say things that are so destructive? James offers a timeless observation of how our speech is an indicator of our heart. When we see how easily we sin in our speech, we are shown explicitly how needy we are for the good news of Jesus Christ. Only the blood of Christ can pardon our sins of speech.

  1. All Speech is Accountable (vv 1-2)
  2. Sinning Speech is Explosive (vv 3-6)
  3. Sinning Speech is Deadly (vv 7-8)
  4. Sinning Speech is Hypocritical (vv 9-12)