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Eliminating the Competition: A Closer Look at Christian Loyalty

May 29, 2016 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: James: Faith at Work

Topic: Sermon Scripture: James 4:7–12

For Christian believers, they are in a strange position. They still live in a world that demands their loyalty. Yet Jesus Christ, who has redeemed them through his own blood, also demands their loyalty. Since God will not permit competitors, for there is no god like him, he summons us all to exclusive devotion to him. James shows us what that exclusivity looks like. It is a practical explanation of Christian loyalty to God, and how to eliminate from our lives all of the worldly competitors to our affections.

  1. God has No Competitors (vv.4-6)
  2. Eliminating the Competition (vv.7-12)
  • Submitting to God
  • Resisting the Devil
  • Drawing Near to God
  • Admitting Disloyalty
  • Admitting Carelessness
  • Speaking Falsely No More