Pursuing and Pursued: The Church as the Agent of Gospel Love

July 3, 2016 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: James: Faith at Work

Topic: Sermon Scripture: James 5:19–5:20

The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about the initiative of God to pursue sinners, enslaved in their sin and to save them. Without God’s pursuit, there would be no salvation. Yet in our world sinners wish to be left alone in their darkness. They don’t want missionaries to pursue them with the gospel. They don’t want a God that tells them they are in danger and need to be saved out of their lostness. Even in the church, we can subtly step back and let wanders go unpursued. A fresh reminder of God’s gospel in the saving work of Jesus Christ will show us that we were pursued and we ought to pursue wanders and lost ones with gospel love.


  1. The Pursued Wanderer (v.19a)
  2. The Pursuer of the Wanderer (v.19b)
  3. The Church as the Agent of Gospel Love (v.20)