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The Partnered Word: CalGrace Partners Are Supporting Gospel Ministry

Bolstered by your support, Calvary Grace has had new opportunities to encourage gospel ministry in Canada and overseas.

When you prayed and gave financially, you actively participated in outreach from Calvary Grace in two of the largest global cities in the world.

The first was in London, England which has a population of 8.5 Million souls. Gavin and Amanda Peacock spoke at a series of events encouraging biblical manhood and womanhood. [Read about their ministry trip in an upcoming post].

You also made it possible for Gail and Jared Harfield to accompany them, sharing testimonies of God’s grace in their lives, while being mentored by Gavin and Amanda.

Think about it.

Each word shared by Gavin, Amanda, Gail or Jared was a partnered word.

It was a word that was prayed for, anticipated, and financially sent to be delivered to living souls across the Atlantic Ocean!

Your partnered word was heard 7030 kilometres away! Who knew you had a voice that could reach so far?!?

The second opportunity was a little bit closer. It was only 2718 kilometres away inToronto, Ontario. There you partnered with me in exhorting and encouraging men and women at the Gospel Coalition Ontario conference. You might have benefitted from The Gospel Coalition’s resources in the past. But did you consider that you could participate in ministering to and through The Gospel Coalition?

Well, you did.

You see, my simple role at the conference was to tell about what God had done in the lives of Calvary Grace Partners.

Your story formed my message! So not only were you supporting the possible beginnings of The Gospel Coalition-Canada, but you were also sharing your testimony with a multi-ethnic group of Christians who were thrilled to hear it.

Imagine the fact that your story encouraged those Christians to herald the gospel in their city, a metro area of over 6 million souls.

As a Calvary Grace Partner, the word heard together has been amplified to reverberate across the Dominion, even to the United Kingdom.

As Psalm 72:8 says:

May he have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth!

Your Calvary Grace Partnership has a long reach.

In our next newsletter we’ll look at how your financial, prayer, and volunteer support is partnering to serve souls in our church and community.