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A Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

December 21, 2014 Speaker: Paul Toews Series: Romans: The Letter By Which the Church Stands or Falls

Topic: Sermon Scripture: Romans 5:1–11

We exult in the hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our present day sufferings for they are the means by which our character, our moral love and steadfastness, is tested. Character that passes the test of trial is evidence that our hope is real. The foundation of our hope is the love of God which He's poured out in our hearts by the Spirit. It is a love which far surpasses even the best of human love. It is a love that is entirely reasonable given our reconciliation by means of our resurrected Lord. This assured hope should free us to live lives of unparalleled joy. We can enjoy life because a glorious end is assured.


  1. The Placement of Hope (5:1-5)
  2. The Foundation of Hope (5:6-7)
  3. The Reasonableness of Hope (5:8-10)
  4. Conclusion (5:11)

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