The Sovereign God & the Golden Chain

March 22, 2015 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: Romans: The Letter By Which the Church Stands or Falls

Topic: Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:26–8:30

If God is sovereign, then why pray? If God is sovereign, how do I know that he is working for my good? Paul answers these questions by stating one of the most profound and comforting passages ever written. Let the truth of the Word of God compel you to trust in the goodness of God.

The Sovereignty of God is seen in the operation of the Spirit through the prayers of believers, and the governance of all things for the good of them, specifically in the unfolding purposes of salvation.


  1. The Sovereignty of God and the Prayers of the Saints (vv.26-27)
  2. God’s Binding of All Things By the Golden Chain (vv.28-30)

A note of apology from Pastor Clint Humfrey regarding this sermon:

Hello Calvary Grace Family,

In Sunday's sermon I regretted using the term 'idiot'. It was an extemporaneous comment intended to put the idea of foolishness in the modern vernacular in a manner of Psalm 14.1, and God's perspective on things.

However it was a poor choice of word which seems to make more of a person's lack of intelligence, when the fool lacks wisdom, which is a bit different.

People who care for me and the church noted the problems with the term. I am thankful they pointed it out. I apologize if anyone was offended by the term, and I humbly ask your forgiveness.

What this illustrates, in case I, or anyone needed to be reminded is an irony. The preacher is used as an instrument of God to herald His Word. At the same time, the preacher is a fool--- an idiot even--- whom God chooses to work through to show his power in weakness. Or as Paul said even better,"it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe" (1 Cor 1.21).

May God work through His Word, through me and in spite of me. Amen.

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