The Wisdom of the King

September 13, 2015 Speaker: Clint Humfrey Series: 1 Kings

Topic: Sermon Scripture: 1 Kings 3:1–28

If it is true that ‘common sense’ is not so common, then wisdom is also a rare and precious commodity. In a world of false outrage and enslaving liberties, we need the clarity of the Scriptures to help us to understand what true wisdom looks like. As we read the Bible we are confronted with the freedom and frailty of human beings under God. And few people exemplify both of these traits more than the wisdom and folly of Solomon, King of Israel.


Wisdom and Liberty (chs 1-3:4)

  1. Strife (ch. 1)
  2. Stability (ch. 2)
  3. Situation (ch. 3.1-4)

Wisdom and Responsibility (3.5-15)

  1. Solomon’s Prayer Request
  2. The Lord’s Answer

Wisdom and Perspective (3.16-28)

  1. The Wisdom Test
  2. The Limits of Wisdom