Godliness - Worship, Serving God, Prizing Christ, Weeping

Continuing with Thomas Watson on characteristics of the godly person:

A godly person cares about the worship of God. This isn’t to say that he enjoys worship, but that he is careful about it. A godly man reverences divine institutions, and is more for the purity of worship than the pomp. This means we revere the church service where we gather to worship and we are jealous to guard the purity of the worship. We don’t market the service with gimmicks. We don’t add anything with the intention of novelty or emotional manipulation. Rather we are careful to promote those practises which are biblical and focus on Christ.

A godly person serves God, not men. This person rejects all others, even his former master sin to serve a new master (Rom. 6:22-23). We don’t live to serve ourselves or others. We do owe men a civil service (we may have a boss) and we may owe them a religious service (2 Cor. 4:5), but we do so out of a greater devotion and service to God and his approval rather than to them and their applause. Rather we are at the disposal of God and satisfied with the allowance of our heavenly master. Whether we have more or less, like Paul we are content (Phil. 4:11).

A godly person prizes Christ. Jesus Christ is the pearl of great price (Matt. 13:46). He is our treasure that we forsake all to gain (Phil. 3:8). He is precious in his person, in his offices as priest, prophet and king, and in his benefits which he lovingly and graciously lavishes upon us (Eph. 1:8). There is none on earth that we desire besides him (Psalm 72:25).

A godly man weeps. Have you heard that grown men don’t cry? They may or may not, but a godly man certainly does. He is as Thomas Watson puts it an “evangelical weeper.” He grieves that he carries that about him which is enmity with God. He weeps over his remaining indwelling sin, for the clinging corruptionthat he cannot shake. How much more heinous is it that we who know Christ and partake of him sin than those to whom Christ is foreign? How often are we overcome by that corruption? Having experienced the sting of sin, we enter into it again. He weeps over his lack of holiness. It’s not all negative weeping, though. He also weeps out of an overwhelming sense of God’s love which is the answer to his sin.