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Resources for Gathering One2One

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Over the past eight weeks or so we’ve introduced Gathering One2One, a discipleship initiative designed to encourage and equip every member of the church to help each other grow in Christ by meeting with others, one-to-one, for sermon application, prayer, and Bible reading. We’ve explained what Gathering One2One is, why it has advantages compared to other forms of discipleship, the reasons why believers can feel confident to do this ministrywho you should seek to meet with, and some steps to take to get started.

We’ll wrap up this newsletter series by introducing three new e-book Ministry Guides you can download to help you with this ministry, along with providing (all in one place) the links to the Study Outlines introduced over the past month—and a hint at what is still to come! 

Ministry Guides

Gathering One2One Ministry Guides are short, easy-to-read booklets that are designed to help any Christian (of any age, background, experience, or level of biblical knowledge) meet with another Christian to help each other follow Jesus.

Gathering One2One Ministry Guides have two parts:

  • Part 1of each Guide explains the idea and purpose of Gathering One2One, and is especially important for those who aren’t yet meeting regularly with other Christians for encouragement and growth. Part 1 closes with a suggested outline for an introductory planning meeting together.
  • Part 2 of each Guide introduces a specific focus (Bible Reading, Sermon Application, or Prayer) for a series of one-to-one meetings, with suggested outlines for four more sessions together on the focus explained in that Guide.

The session outlines and questions are intended as general guidelines and suggestions only. You can feel free to adapt and change the plan if it works for you!

You can download e-book versions of the three Gathering One2One Ministry Guides at these links:

Gathering One2OneMinistry Guide: Sermon Application

(PDF format, optimized for reading on tablets and smartphones. 45 pages)

Gathering One2OneMinistry Guide: Prayer

(PDF format, optimized for reading on tablets and smartphones. 46 pages)

Gathering One2OneMinistry Guide: Bible Reading

(PDF format, optimized for reading on tablets and smartphones. 46 pages) 

Printed booklet formats of each Ministry Guide will be made available very soon! 

Study Outlines

Gathering One2One Study Outlines are one-page printable double-sided guides that give you a suggested outline for a one-to-one session of either prayer, Bible reading, or sermon application, complete with suggested questions and room for your notes. You’re free to print as many as you like. 

The study outlines and all the questions and suggested texts are intended as general guidelines only. You can feel free to adapt and change the plan if it works for you! And since all our resources have been written with ease of use in mind, ideally, after a few sessions you not even need the study outlines anymore. Again, the purpose of these resources is to help you form a habit of gathering one-to-one with other members of your church, not to “hook” you into this or any other curriculum.

Links for our Study Outlines were provided in previous newsletters, and you can refer back to the Calvary Grace Church blog to find them at the links here:

Sermon Application Study Outlines

Prayer Study Outlines

Bible Reading Study Outlines

Still To Come: Website and Manual

For now, you may download the Gathering One2One Study Outlines and Ministry Guides on our church website,, and (for those attending our church) on Church Community Builder.

Soon, God willing, we will finish a dedicated website for the Gathering One2One project, as well as a Manual that brings all our resources together in one volume. So stay tuned! 

More importantly, though, find another member of your church and start gathering one-to-one around God’s Word for prayer, sermon application, and Bible reading!